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Thinking about Suzannah’s piece and the effects of discrimination and mistreatment can have on young people, Witness thinks about our own campus. While the Jesuit influence at BC encourages openness and acceptance, our school is consistently rated high on the list of LGBT-unfriendly schools by The Princeton Review.

In what ways is BC not as welcoming as it could be towards GLBTQ members of the community?


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It is that time of year when we excitedly await all the gifts we will receive. We spew out “thank you” a million times as we tear at wrapping paper. But after all the excitement of receiving a gift is over, what are you actually grateful for?


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In the wake of the tragic suicides that have affected the GLBT community in the past weeks, celebrities and ordinary people have reached out and created national campaigns raising awareness about growing up gay in an intolerant society.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 GLBT students are bullied in school? Did you know that Gay students are four times more likely to commit suicide? Did you know that a hate crime is committed every hour on every day? Do you think these statistics are relevant to the Boston College community? No? Well, did you know that at Boston College, a university that prides itself on accepting all kinds of people, the GLBT club is not a sanctioned group simply because it does not fit into the Catholic and conservative belief that heterosexuality is the only kind of sexuality?

Did you know?

No? Well now that you do… What are YOU going to do about it? In what ways can you as a Boston College student change school policy, create more awareness, and prevent similar tragedies from reoccurring?

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“Does society/race/family define me? Do I accept how they define me?  How do I view other people? How do other people view me? Are people as simple as they want to/have to appear on the surface?”

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You create a bigger carbon footprint from eating a hamburger than from driving a car. How many days can you go without eating a burger? Do you have the will to take a rein check on those steak tips?

We asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter what they thought, and here’s what they had to say:

What do you think? Some people give up red meat for environmental reasons; would you be able to do the same for any amount of time?

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